Employee Building Blocks

What is it?

  • A bespoke programme of support to enable companies to get the maximum return from its employees

  • Elements are designed to ensure employees:

  • Know what is expected of them (knowledge, skills & behaviours)

  • Have the right skills for the job

    • Have a clear view of how they can progress within the company

  • A programme which can provide the necessary tools to ensure an efficient, effective & happy workforce

  • Supports improved communication within the workplace

How does it work ?

What are the benefits?

  • An effective framework for future recruitment

  • Reduces cost, complexity, uncertainty & staff turnover

  • Ensures company values & culture are protected

  • Allows a business to recruit against future aswell as current needs

  • Ensures clarity & focus around roles & responsibilities as well as performance & development expectations

  • Ensures that all training & development supports business objectives (and is NOT ‘training for training sake’)

  • Assists in Succession Planning

  • Ensuring that no skills shortages are experiences

  • Developing the management team of the future

  • Recruitment is planned and not rushed into to ‘fill a gap’

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